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Welcome to OUR X class Wiki!

codeResQr.png This is a private wiki for all of us. Here's an excellent video on wikis ("in plain english" commoncraft)
We will use this wiki to pool our knowledge and research about Mobile Computing.

Some wiki basics

  • For the shared pages, try not to use "I" since someone else might edit the page.
    • that guideline doesn't apply to discussion pages or your personal page
    • if you want to attribute remark to yourself on a page, use ~~~~ after your edit.
  • Every edit is recorded.
    • This is great since you can never really do to harm to saved edits.
    • But... you cannot erase things like "Dr Morey is a meanie" from the wiki's memory once it has been saved. So try to keep entries polite.
  • think small -- many small things add to make a large thing.
    • if you see a typo or a grammatical error, fix it.
    • if you have an extra bit of information, add it.
    • add incomplete items. you can finish it later or maybe someone else might.
    • add links and reference to help support or further our research.
    • RSS feeds / email
  • speedy edits ("wiki" is a Hawaiian word for "fast" ). For speed, you can use wikitext or a visual editor. To use wikitext: set in your account settings for use visual editor to No.

- jimmorey jimmorey FF2.0.056