APPARENTLY this will no longer work by August 31st, 2016 but just use your Dropbox account and you can use this to host
OK no good suggestions: I went with but...and registered a name

* Go to

For me, I shared a directory called "webstuff", which google thinks of as
so my website is
This works well for cutting and pasting but if you want a better thing for typing, you could use tinyurl or a few other redirection sites. For my folder, you can simple type in OR you can use for my site use

This seems great for prototyping and posting image files (I use this for posting my SVG files that I want to put on my blog. I'm still looking for an easy way to get free access to a server with php and mySql. But for now this solves a number of issues.

NOTE you will have to use https: to link to external resources outside of your relative references.