• set up
    1. Install [[http://www.google.com/chrome‎]]
    2. make a directory where you can put your code, say task for clicking list items--lis away.
    3. in Chrome, click on View >> Developer >> Developer Tools OR right click Inspect Element
    4. click on sources
    5. WARNING you can't edit things on a web Chrome needs you to edit things that are in your workspace. In particulare not under cloud.png
      1. right-click in file browsing window on the left side and select "Add Folder to Workspace"
      2. select the folder that holds the html file you are interested in editing
      3. click allow
    6. navigate in the file browser and click the file you would like to edit
chrome1.png chrome2.png chrome3.png
  • programming
    1. edit the code and save (cmd-S or ctrl-S)
    2. reload page (cmd-R or ctrl-R)
    3. repeat until you are happy with the result
  • Try some code from codecademy