here is the current grab bag of topics I've been playing with

html5 jQuery

intro to jQuery and advanced jQuery

hand written SVG files

static svg: trianglePlay2.svg basic animation: flower.svg advanced: Expo3.svg

here are some cookie cutter animations
Including SVG files on the wiki currently requires you to change your Settings to not use the Visual Editor -- this is found in your wikispaces dashboard. You can then see that your SVG file is currently shown as
 [[image:flower.svg width="300" ]] 
You don't have to put in the width and height but it may nice to change it. Don't forget to change it back to using Visual Editor or you will be stuck editing the code.

CSS & html

Here's a good link for basic html
I'll get to this section soon but here are a few fun things:
gallery , gallery with video , gallery with clipping , hackedb ,
sass play --

GameMaker Studio

I'm going to upload some simple games that I made from scratch. The graphics will be limited but I'll probably have some interesting game mechanics that will be code for the most part using the visual drag-and-drop GML rather than scripts. The purpose is to help the introductory coder who may get overwhelmed. There are a number of GML variables that will need to be accessed like (image_index, sprite_index) but perhaps this will provide motivation for using scripts later.

My prototype games:

Here are my GameMaker Studio files:: game directory
Here are some yoyo games tutorials translated from 8.1
Links I would like to explore: badgeville, Game Mechanic Explorer


I'm looking to doing something custom for a language thing (wiki-language dictionary). I haven't really started and I'm not sure it'll do what I want. I'll put my findings here.
For wikispaces classes, I use a standard home page as well I use the following as a means of quickly making personal pages for my students.


I'll put a few of my old resources here when I get to it.
Here's some basicExcel. Here's some Excel quizzes that I mostly used as assignments--they were kind of neat because they were different for every student, as well, some of the questions were auto-grading.

Intro programming

I'm working on some ideas of introducing repetition and algorithms that make patterns to provide motivation for learning loops and functions (or methods). These ideas use my research into polygon languages which most recently use my web resource TileLand.

exercises in construction
I'll probably have a specialised version of TileLand for these exercises but it's still a work in progress

Keystroke level history of documents

It was hunting around for this (stumbling over Etherpad etc.) but it turns out that if you compose using Google Docs and you have get the extension "Draftback" you get exactly this. Here's the story that tipped me off to this. Any you can just add extension of Draftback to Chrome and if you enforce that all documents for a certain class must be composed with Google Docs--there will be a record of every keystroke that you can then have access to and peruse. Probably it's enough to catch would-be plagiarists.

misc. videos for teaching

Will organize at some point but...